Terms and conditions

Flight information
Please compare your flight information with the information on your Express Taxi confirmation. If any details conflict, it is very important that you call +31 70 260 1445 at least 12 hours before check-in time or arrival time. If you alter your booking less than 12 hours before departure, we cannot guarantee transportation under these Terms and Conditions. In that case you will be booked on an existing ride, or may be picked up later than scheduled.

Delays en route
Express Taxi can never be held liable for delays that result in your missing your flight. However, you can be sure that we will do our utmost to prevent this.

Journey from airport
a. If your incoming flight is delayed, you don’t need to tell us as Express Taxi already takes this into account.
b. At Schiphol you would generally be collected from Departure Hall 2, After arrival at the airport you turn your mobile phone on so the taxi driver can contact you. Once you collected your luggage, Follow the signs to (departure 2) on second floor. our taxi driver will meet you in front of (departures 2) within about 30 minutes after your arrival time. It is also possible to be collected at the Meeting Point at an additional cost of Euro 5.00. This information is included with your confirmation e-mail, along with a map, photo and written explanation.

In case of flight delays for more than 45 minutes, the rule of 30 minutes after landing time not valid anymore. The waiting time in this case maybe longer, of course we do our best to arrange your taxi as soon as possible.

You may cancel your booking (ONLINE) until 48 hours before departure. with no Cancelation fee. also for cancelations within 48 hours to the departure time, you pay an amount of € 20.00 administration fee.

What does ‘No Show’ mean?
‘No show’ means that we arrive at the agreed place in vain. In other words,​ ​the ride in question has not been cancelled.In the event of ‘no show’, the customer shall be charged with the costs for a​ ​single taxi ride, of which the amount to be paid depends on the region.
We ​ ​will charge you with these costs in the following cases:
A: when we arrive at your home address or the accommodation you are staying​ ​and you have already left without cancelling the taxi ride, ​ ​
B: when we are waiting for you at Schiphol and you neither show up nor answer your mobile phone (if the number is known to us).
‘No show’ rides have very serious consequences for our planning. So please ​ ​inform us as soon as possible in case you are delayed or you would like to​ ​cancel the ride.
You can call+31(0)702601445, Or use the links in the confirmation e-mail for Cancelling or Editing your Reservation.

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