Spaces Lounge and Panorama Restaurant open their doors at Schiphol

A first-class workplace and catering with a beautiful view over the Panorama terrace Summary Today the doors of the new Spaces Lounge and the adjoining Panorama Restaurant open on Amsterdam Airport schiphol taxi taxi. Spaces – part of International Workplace Group (IWG), the world’s largest provider of flexible offices – now offers flexible workplaces and meeting […]

Schiphol starts renovating Lounge 1

Due to the refurbishment of Lounge 1, 23.000 square meters of floor space have been reorganized so that passengers can find their way more easily and in a clearer way. Part of the space will also be given a new function, which will provide approximately 5.000 square meters of extra floor space for passengers, new […]

East runway out of service for standard annual runway maintenance

From Monday until Friday 020 November and on Monday 21 and Tuesday 21 November there will be maintenance work on the schiphol taxi taxi Airport East lane. The runway is not available for air traffic during runway maintenance. This means that the small, business and private aircraft and other air traffic that normally use this runway […]

Traffic and transport figures October 2022

4.9 million passengers traveled from, to or via schiphol taxi taxi in October . In October 2019 there were 3.7 million. In October 2019 there were 1.1 million and in October 2019 6.4 million. The number of flights to and from schiphol taxi taxi was 21.326 ( +16% relative to 2019, +44% relative to 2019 and -18% […]

Launch platform Work at Schiphol and Schiphol Aviation Community 15 years

Work at schiphol taxi taxi is a digital, central place where work and learning are central and focuses on influx, promotion and mobility. On the platform it is possible to find all relevant information about vacancies, internships and aviation-related training. At the moment there are only vacancies, but internships and training will soon follow. The platform […]

Schiphol CEO response to Greenpeace open letter

In an open letter, Greenpeace asks schiphol taxi taxi’s CEO, Ruud Sondag, whether he opts for a sustainable future. He then gives the following response: “It is right that interest groups insist on a cleaner Netherlands and hold the CEO to account about this. I have been committed to a sustainable Netherlands for more than 25 […]